Our Story

Founded in 2013, Back in Balance Massage and Wellness is a boutique spa business focused on providing wellness, beauty, and therapeutic solutions. The business offers a host of services that help clients rid themselves of the stress associated with everyday tasks and interactions. By providing natural, holistic solutions, Back in Balance gives clients the benefits of healing, relaxation, and detox that improve health and wellbeing without the aid of conventional medicine. By reducing stress and enhancing self-confidence, Back in Balance services help clients curtail ailments associated with stress that often lead to a trip to the doctor’s office.

Armed with 15 years of experience, Back in Balance brings a unique perspective to the spa industry by offering experienced massage therapists, makeup artists, and life coaches. Clients enjoy a pristine facility equipped with plush massage tables, soothing background music, state-of-the art spray tanning equipment, healing Himalayan salt products, and much more.

Front desk
Massage Therapist
Mettco Sabic, Massage Therapist & Life Coach

About the Owners

Back in Balance owners, husband and wife team Mettco and Alma Sabic, originated from Velika Kladusa, Bosnia. Growing up in the same neighborhood, just six doors apart, their lives in Bosnia proved challenging as war and turmoil took place. On more than one occasion, they had to flee their homes to live in refugee camps. At the age of 19, Mettco joined the Yugoslavian army as a medic soldier, which would change his life forever. One day on the battlefield as Mettco kneeled to assist a wounded soldier, a sniper shot him in the head, leaving him completely blind.

In 1997, not knowing a word of English, Mettco and his family immigrated to the United States to become American citizens. Their first U.S. home was in Chicago, IL where Mettco attended the Illinois Center for Rehabilitation and Education-Wood. He learned English and how to be independent despite his disability. In 2000, the family moved to Fort Wayne, IN, where Mettco decided to pursue his passion for healing people by becoming a massage therapist. Meanwhile, Alma worked at various retail stores and raised their daughter.

Today, the couple continues to call Fort Wayne their home. They enjoy spending time with their daughter Sandra and dog Leo. In his spare time, Mettco reads as many books as he can get his hands on. Meanwhile, Alma enjoys experimenting with home décor and recipes in the kitchen.