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I am a very active adult, I work out, have 4 horses, 2 dogs and a farm… there’s always work to be done… and I also work outside the home, a job that requires me to have to sit at a computer all day and with that I have dealt with neck, shoulder and forearm tightness, numbness, tingling and pain… I tried doctors and pills… nothing worked.

At Lincoln Financial Group, there were 3 massage therapists on site, as my last effort to get well, I tried 2 of the massage therapists with no result. Then, I tried the last therapist, Mettco Sabic, after only 3 visits all of my issues were gone.

I have continued to go to Mettco on a regular basis for 12 years and I no longer suffer from the tightness, numbness and pain. Mettco has this wonderful gift to help heal the body. He has a deep tissue massage regiment that I can say has turned my life around. And what I like the most is, Mettco really cares for his clients, he wants to help and is extremely good at finding the trouble areas and making them go away.

Thank you!! Mettco!!

Felicia A Barwick
Analyst, QA Software Testing
Lincoln Financial Group


I have had the pleasure of knowing Mettco since 2002 when I hired him to provide massages in a corporate setting. He quickly became the “favorite” among employees not only because of his expertise in many types of massage therapy, but also because of his genuineness and authenticity. I placed him in a second corporate setting a few years later and again, his services were greatly valued.

Mettco is also my personal massage therapist. He has been my salvation through knee replacement surgery, arthritis flare-ups, and a shoulder injury from a fall. Always working in concert with the recommendations from medical professionals, Mettco’s expertise has decreased healing times, relieved pain, and decreased my stress levels. I consider his services to be a necessity rather than a luxury.

It’s easy to pay for services that deliver what is promised. In Mettco’s case, I consistently receive so much more. Despite his blindness, he has an enthusiasm that is contagious, a sincere love for his country (USA citizenship in 2007), and an abiding faith in all that is good in our world. If you are wise enough to book a massage with him, you will leave feeling not only physically great, but emotionally and spiritually uplifted as well.

Andrea Bales, MS
Fort Wayne, IN


Mettco has mastered the art of massage. His touch and techniques work out the most difficult knots formed from stress and activity, yet provide a relaxing experience. He is attentive, professional, and personable. I have gone to numerous massage therapists throughout the years and have found none better.

Jill Starbuck


I have had the pleasure of knowing Mettco for 12 years. His knowledge of the human anatomy compliments his ability to give the best massages I’ve ever had. I’ve gone from ‘as needed’ upper body massages to regularly scheduled monthly ‘maintenance’ massages. If you have a ‘problem’ area, Mettco will give special attention to that particular location and typically within a day or two, the sore area is feeling much better. Mettco specializes in deep tissue massage therapy which I prefer. I would highly recommend Mettco to anyone looking for a massage therapist. He has helped me over the years and I’m confident he can do the same for you.

John Gildea


I have been a client of Mettco for over 10 years now. Mettco is a considerate, kind, hard working professional. He is always able to identify the source of pain and then works hard to eliminate it. He is always prompt and respectful. I have referred others to Mettco and they were grateful for his help. Regular visits to Mettco are very beneficial in relieving my pain and stress.



My name is Julie Flohr and I am a licensed mental health counselor.  I have been seeing Mettco for massage therapy for at least the last 10 years.  I’ve had very stressful jobs including my current one, so self care has become very important to me.  Mettco is an amazingly talented massage therapist, not to mention an honest, very nice guy.  I am convinced that by having regular therapeutic massages, my aches and pains are much less debilitating.  I have had back and neck pain that has only been alleviated through regular massage therapy and it has proven much less expensive and more effective than other routes I have tried.  Seeing Mettco for a massage is one of the best things I do for myself!

Julie Flohr



Give the Gift of Wellness,gift Certificate Available.

Give the Gift of Wellness,gift Certificates Available.