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Himalayan Salt

What Exactly Is Himalayan Salt Anyways?


A natural and ridiculously pure mineral substance (the cleanest and purest form found anywhere in the world), that is pink and gathered from the Himalayan Mountains has been used for thousands and thousands of years as a natural medicine and therapeutic cure!

Some of the benefits that you can expect by consuming this salt in place of regular table salt include:

·         Aiding in vascular health

·         Supporting healthy lungs and respiratory function

·         Promoting a stable pH balance within the cells

·         Reducing the signs of aging

·         Promoting healthy sleep patterns

·         Increasing libido

·         Prevents muscle cramps

·         Increases hydration

·         Strengthen bones

·         Lowers blood pressure

·         Improves circulation

·        Detoxifying the body of heavy metals

According to Dr. Oz, the potassium levels in this crystal salt also aids in lowering blood pressure. This is a huge benefit, considering sodium consumption is typically associated with hypertension.



Give the Gift of Wellness,gift Certificate Available.

Give the Gift of Wellness,gift Certificates Available.